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  • Behind The Scene

    Behind  “Itching for a Scratch” NEW- 2017     TV – PG   PROMO –  FILM SERIES A behind the scenes glimpse to the making of “Itching for a Scratch” (part one). The film depicts an eleven year old’s discovery of scratching Records. Hosted by DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore.

  • The World will be Watching

    The World will Watch Birth of Hip Hop NEW- 2017     TV – PG   PROMO –  ORIGINAL A series of street interviews with people from all over the world and their perception of Hip Hop. The consensus is that people worldwide will be engaged in Birth of Hip Hop Original Series.

  • A Phrase Coined Hip Hop

    HOW HIP HOP WAS NAMED NEW- 2017     TV – PG   ORIGINAL     EXTRAS Hip Hop Pioneer DJ Jazzy Jay expounds on how the Phrase “Hop Hop”  evolved.

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Jiba Molei Anderson


Brandon Wolfolk – Videographer / China

Jhon Deo